My Hair Care Routine

Hey guys today’s post is going to be all on my hair care routine. First things first, I have naturally curl, dry hair. I also have lightened in a lot in the past few months. I am a licensed cosmetologist so I only use professional products. The first thing I do when I get in the shower is wet my hair and use my Olaplex #3. Olaplex is an amazing product that helps when coloring your hair to not damage it. It is a three step process so for the first two steps you would need to go to a professional for. The number 3 step is the take home product that is meant to be used once a week for 10 minutes before shampooing. For shampoo I always shampoo twice, the first shampoo I use is the DevaCurl No Poo cleansing conditioner. DevaCurl is a great brand for curly hair because it doesn’t strip the hair and maintains moisture. For my second shampoo I use the Framisi Violet Shampoo to help with any brassy tones my hair may pick up throughout the week and I leave this in for 1-3 minutes. Be careful with purple shampoos because if you leave them in too long it will tint your hair. After I shampoo twice I go in with a deep conditioner. I switch back and forth between the Joico KPak Deep Reconstructor and the Biolage Conditioning Balm. The Joico one is protein based which is going to help build up the protein in your hair, and the Biolage one is solely moisture based and has no protein in it and I use this one when I feel like my hair has protein overload. When using a protein based deep conditioner every time you wash your hair you can overload your hair which will make your hair feel like straw and brittle. For styling when I wear my hair naturally curl I use the DevaCurl One Condition as my “leave-in conditioner” and I follow that with the DevaCurl Light Definging Gel to really define my curls. When I straighten or curl my hair with hot tools I start off with the StyleSexyHair 450 Protect heat protectant, which is super important when heat styling your hair to prevent heat damage. Since my hair is naturally dry and frizzy I follow up the heat styling with the HealthySexyHair Argan Oil to smooth down any frizz. So that is all for my hair care routine, make sure you check out the video on my channel all about it. 

Love, KimberlyAnn


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