How To Cover Tattoos

Hey everyone today I am going to be sharing with you how I cover tattoos with makeup. Note that no matter what tattoos will never be 100% “covered”.

First, you want to make sure you are starting with a fresh clean surface. Then I like to take a moisturizing primer and apply it over the area. The primer is going to ensure that the products stick to it and it’s going to keep the surface moisturized. The primer I’m using here is the MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Base in Radiant Yellow.

The next step is to apply a orange based eyeshadow to help cancel out the darker tones of the tattoo. I just apply this with a flat shading brush. The eyeshadow I used in the video is the MAC Eyeshadow in the color Free To Be. The coral/orange tones of this will really help.

Next I apply a yellow based cream concealer to further cancel out the darker tones. For this I am using the NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Yellow, and applying this with a flat concealer brush.

Then you want to make sure you set everything with either a colored powder or a translucent one. Working in layers is very important with covering tattoos, it takes a little longer but gives the best results. I am using a loose translucent powder. The powder I am using is just the NYX HD Photogenic Translucent Powder.

The last two steps are covering everything with the foundation that matches the skin you are working on. I used the most full coverage foundation that I have which is the MAC Mineralize Foundation in NW13. Lastly to seal everything in I set everything with that same powder.

Feel free to check out the video here:




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