DIY Date Night Ideas

Hey everyone today I am going to be telling you five DIY date night ideas. These are super easy and they don’t cost a lot.

1. Game Night- This one is super simple but sometimes it’s a lot of fun to just get out all of your board games and play them all night with your significant other.

2. The Coin Flip Date- This one is a lot different than all the other ones. Basically you get in you car and take a coin. You start by figuring out how many flips you want to do total. Every time you come to a turn you flip the coin; heads is right, tails is left. You flip the coin as many times as you agreed on in the beginning, and wherever you end up you make a date out of it.

3. Build a Fort- Take your date night back to your childhood. You and your significant other build a fort out of pillows, blankets, and couch cushions and just have a movie night in your fort.

4. Go to a Town You’ve Never Been To- This one takes a while but it’s so much fun. You google or look on a map at the towns around the town you live in and you both pick on that neither of you have been to. Drive there and explore the town.

5. Make Your Own Pizza- Go to your local grocery store and pick up all the things you want on your pizza and both of you make your own individual pizza with everything you could ever want on it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful!




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