Leg Workouts

Hey everyone today I am going to be sharing with you a few of my favorite leg workouts. All the reference pictures are from  google. I hope you enjoy.


1. 20 Glute Bridges:

This exercise challenges your glutes and your hamstrings.


2. 15 Sumo Squats:

The wide stance works your inner thighs and also allows for stronger resistance.


3. 15 Pop Squats:

This is a modified version of the basic squat.


4. 30 Donkey Kicks:

It works the lower back, core, legs, and butt. It is  also a great alternative to squats.

donkey kicks.jpg

5. 20 Lunges:

This mainly works your glutes in your hips and and butt.


6. 20 Squat Pulses:

Again this is a modified version of the basic squat.


7. 20 Calf Raises:

These work  your soleus and your gastrocnemius muscles while defining the shape of your legs.

calf raises.png

8. Fire Hydrants:

This exercise works your butt and your hips.

fire hydrants.png

I hope this gave you guys a little bit of workout inspiration and that you enjoyed.




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