Easy Halloween Costumes

Hey everyone today I am going to be talking about a few easy Halloween costumes ideas for this year. I am super sorry I haven’t gotten a post up the past two weeks the 2nd was my birthday and I was out of town and the 9th we got a hurricane so it was hard for me to do much, with that said I hope you enjoy.

1. Cat Costume:

This one is super easy. A few years ago I was a cat for my costume. Basically all I did was pick out a black graphic tee and paired it with a hot pink tutu. I also had a pin on cat tail from a Halloween store and some hot pink cat ears. For the makeup I kept it super simple and drew in my nose black, added some whiskers, and put black lipstick on my upper lip.

2. Rosie the Riveter:

So for this costume all you have to do is pick out some mom/boyfriend jeans or any jeans that you can roll up the ankles. For the top you can take a denim chambray shirt, roll the sleeves up and tie it in a knot around your waist. Throw some curls and a red bandana in your hair, put on some black converse or any shoe of your choice and you’re done.

3. Mime:

This idea is inspired by Rosa from ahitsrosa. She created a super cute makeup tutorial for a mime costume which I will like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyD3oE0_xcg . Again a super easy last minute costume. All you have to do is get some black pants and a black and white stripped shirt. You could add red suspenders and a black or red beret hat if you had the extra time. For shoes just basic black ones will do.

I hope you got some ideas for easy Halloween costumes and I hope this post was helpful.




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