What Christmas Should Be

Hey everyone, so today’s post is going to be on the true meaning of Christmas. Now you can ask anyone that knows me, I hate Christmas time. I hate the music, the decorations, everything. Now I don’t hate what it’s suppose to be about. Christmas is suppose to be the time where we celebrate Jesus’ birth and the fact that a man who saved us all came down from his thrown for us.

Christmas is also about spending time with family. The reason I dislike “Christmas time” so much is because is so over commercialized. It should be about family, friends, and God. Instead it’s about presents and money. It should be a time where no matter what or how much you have you connect with the people around you.

It’s a time where we reflect on Jesus and how we don’t deserve his grace but he gives it to us anyway. We should be sitting around in our living rooms reading the story of Jesus’ birth from the Bible with the people we love. We need to start focusing on all the good and precious things in life instead of gifts and what we are going to receive for Christmas. We should be grateful for what we have and thank God for everything He’s done for us.

Last Christmas was an eye opener for me. My Papa had just gotten out of the hospital and the nursing home that he was in due to his Parkinson’s Disease. We honestly didn’t know if he was even going to make it to Christmas. That time showed me that physical things don’t matter and that I needed to cherish my family and the people I care about.

I hoped this gave you a little bit of insight on what I believe Christmas should be about.




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