How To: Style a Coffee Table

Hey everyone today I am showing you how I style my coffee table. I love home décor blog posts and videos, so I thought that I would start doing some. I hope you found this helpful and I hope it gave you some inspiration.



So first excuse the seemingly dusty coffee table. I swear it doesn’t look like that in person, the flash must’ve magnified it. First I have this metal and wooden tray from Walmart, I wanted some sore of stable piece that I could set everything on top of. Next, in the back, I have a wooden sign that says “Mr. & Mrs.”. I got this from my sister for my bridal shower, but I’m sure that you could find something similar from Hobby Lobby. The mason jar piece I have is all from Hobby Lobby, from the glitter mason jar to everything that’s in it. The cat is from a local pottery shop that I made. Both candles are from Bath and Body Works and so are the candle holders. For a coffee table I think you should have something that matches the rest of your home décor, but also something that is personal to you (like my cat). Of course I think that candles are essential because of the vibe they give off. The thing I like most about coffee tables is that you can totally customize them to your style.


I hope you enjoyed this post.




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