Chest Workout

Hey everyone today I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorite chest workouts. All of the reference pictures are from Google. I hope you enjoy.

1. 3×12 Push-Ups:

Push-ups do more than just work your chest, they work your core too. Since they work your core push-ups are going to help with your posture as well as your chest muscles. pushups.jpg


2. 3×12 Chest Press:

Chest presses really focus on the front chest muscles. These muscles are the muscles that help you push open doors and catching yourself when you fall. chest-press

3. 3×12 Chest Fly:

This exercise works your outer chest muscles and helps to stretch out your chest. chest-fly

4. 3×12 Dumbbell Pull-Overs:

Pull-overs work your chest and your back, however your chest muscles are the primary muscles getting worked. These are great for stabilization.pullovers

I hope you enjoyed and I hope this gave you some workout inspiration.




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