How To: Style/Organize a Baker’s Rack

Hey everyone today’s video is going to be a post on how to style/organize a baker’s rack in an unconventional way. I use my baker’s rack in my front room by my door where we walk in everyday. On the top shelf I keep my cat and dog’s medicine and my tax folder, so important items that you don’t want to get messed up. My second shelf is mainly where we put our mail everyday. The main shelf is where I put my purse, keys, stuff I grab for when I leave the house. I keep my jackets hung up on the sides of the rack. Now for the wine rack. Using this for actual wine just isn’t practical for my family (especially since we have a big dog that would break glass bottles). What I like to use the wine rack for are Corey’s shoes. He keeps all his shoes by the door for easy access. I keep them all paired together and organized


I hope this inspired you to use things for purposes they aren’t actually meant for, but might be better for your lifestyle.




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