How To Style/Organize an End Table

Hey everyone today I am going to be showing you how I organize/style my end table. I keep this table by the couch in my living room. Firstly I like to keep most things in my house as minimalistic as I can while still making it trendy and cute.

The first thing I have on my end table is this peacock lamp. I absolutely love this lamp because it’s not something that you see everyday. It is from Kirkland’s I believe. Beside it sitting a little off centered is this sign I got for my bridal shower that says “Mr. & Mrs. And they lived happily ever after.” I’m not sure where this is from but I’m sure you could find some similar things at Hobby Lobby. Lastly on my end table I keep some coasters. These can be pretty simple but these were made for me at a pottery place. The table itself is just a basic black table from Walmart and under it I keep this black cube organizer from Walmart. In the cube I keep things we don’t reach for all the time but that we still would like to keep accessible. I keep our Xbox remotes and some bitter spray we use for the dog in it.



I hope this helped you with some ideas on how to organize an end table.




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