My Hair Journey: From Purple to Blonde

Hey everyone, today’s post is going to be all about how I went from semi-permanent purple to blonde.
First a little backstory, back in October I colored my hair with the professional Pulp Riot brand. Now expecting this color to fade fast (as most colors like this do) I made sure to use purple shampoo, cold water, and only washing my hair once a week. After about three months I had decided I wanted to go back blonde, but with as little damage as possible. To start to fade out the purple a little more I started using hot water and clarifying shampoo. The week I was going to “strip” the color out I shampooed twice that week with dish soap twice each day. I made sure that I used a great deep conditioner so my hair wouldn’t dry out too bad. (Mind you I am a licensed cosmetologist and all the products I use for my hair only licensed professionals can use so please don’t try to do these chemical treatments at home!) On January 11th I had one of my co-workers apply the Malibu DDL  (Direct Dye Lifter) and 20vol developer on my hair. This lifter is specifically made for semi-permanent colors. I made sure she didn’t get this on my roots, because it will lift your natural color, and to fully saturate it in my hair. I ended up using 2 packs of the DDL.

After the DDL my hair pulled to a Kelly green color so we tried to cancel it out with a little bit of red shampoo from Viral. (Now I wouldn’t recommend doing anything I’ve done up to this point because my hair ended up turning red). The next step was for me to try out the Joico Eraser which is similar to the DDL but in my opinion it works much better. We applied that everywhere except what was my natural color and let it process for 30 minutes. I shampooed it out and sat with purple shampoo in my hair for another 30 minutes and then everything was pretty blonde. I do not recommend doing all of this in one day but me being stubborn I did. My hair doesn’t feel the best so I’ve been doing some Olaplex treatments on it to help. Make sure you always go to a professional hair stylist for these types of color correction or else your hair could end up orange and fried!! 

On February 18th I decided to go a little blonder. Now I had waited a little over a month to do this because I wanted to let my hair breathe and become a little more healthy. I will include pictures of each step in this post as well. Now what we did was baby light my whole head pulling the lightener through some of the ends, of course using olaplex in every step. We ended up letting that process and the toned with the Schwarzkopf Ice toner for about 30 minutes.


This is after removing all the color and letting the purple shampoo sit:

After baby lighting and toning:



I hope this gave you a little insight of how much of a process this was and how hard it can be.




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