My Go-To Jewelry Pieces

Hey everyone I am very excited to do this post, it’s going to be on my favorite jewelry pieces. I don’t normally wear a whole lot of jewelry which is why I wanted to show you the pieces I love and wear the most often. I hope you enjoy!

My go-to bracelets are these two, they’re both very simple but are perfect for every occasion. The first one is this gold bangle-style bracelet. It has my initial and this dangle detail. The second bracelet is also a bangle-style bracelet but it has this gorgeous blue stone with the word “faith” on it. I’m not sure where either of these are from because they were gifted to me.

For earrings I have these four, and if I’m wearing earrings I am most likely wearing one of these pair. The first pair are these gorgeous red and gold earrings. They are studs and the red stones have some gorgeous black details in them and they are from @GlitzandGlamSpaandBoutique on Instagram. These second pair are these pretty basic black cross earrings. They are my go-to casual earrings and they are from HotTopic. The third pair of earrings are these faux crystal koala earrings. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with koalas and I, of course, had to have these earrings. I believe I got them from eBay a few years ago. The fourth and final pair of earrings are these white and gold earrings. I love these because I feel like the shape of them is super unique and I don’t see a lot of white earrings on a day to day basis. These are also from @GlitzandGlamSpaandBoutique.

Necklaces are usually the jewelry piece I skip out on, but I do have a few favorites for more formal occasions. The first one is this gold chain with a black “gem”. I love this because it’s still semi-casual and I can wear it with a lot and it’s from HotTopic. The next necklace is this gold chain with a white stone and some dangling chains on the very bottom. This matches those white earrings perfectly and it is also from @GlitzandGlamSpaandBoutique. The third necklace is a silver chain with a clear stone on the end. It’s very similar to the black necklace but I wear it when I am wearing other silver accessories and is from Wet Seal I believe. Finally this last necklace is this gold and black necklace and I love this one because of the geometric shapes it has. It is a shorter necklace compared to the other ones but I feel as though this is the most formal necklace. It is from @GlitzandGlamSpaandBoutique.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!






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