How To Plan A Trip On Budget

Hey everyone today’s post is going to be all about planning a trip on a budget. As some of you know Corey and I recently went on a 3 day trip to Washington D.C. We only went with $300 to spend and that includes the money we had to board the dog. So if you want to know some tips on planning a trip on a budget, keep on reading.

1. Hotels/Rooms:

This is so important because hotels can be so expensive. Some of the ones we were looking at were $120 a night and that was out of our price range. We decided to stay with his grandma who lives right outside of D.C. If you have friends or family living near where you’re visiting I highly recommend staying with them because honestly all you’ll be doing there is sleeping.

2. Gas/Car:

The cheapest way for us to get around was using the Metro system that they had. The trips to and from on the metro are fairly cheap and far cheaper than what you would pay in gas driving there. Once we were in the city we walked just about everywhere which saved us a lot of money.

3. Food:

Obviously since we stayed with Corey’s grandma we ate breakfast and dinner at her house so all we had to pay for was lunch, which we usually just ate at a food truck because any where else didn’t really fit in our budget.

4. Souvenirs:

We tried not to buy much while we were there because everything is kind of gimmicky and not worth what they’re charging for it. Georgetown was really nice and that’s basically the only place I bought anything.

I hope you found these tips helpful and useful.





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