“I am worth so much more than I think.”

Hey everyone, today’s post is all about my boudoir photography session experience. I am going to be writing this in sort of sections to explain the whole process for me. (disclaimer: I 100% believe that it is okay for me to do this even as a Christian, I am in no way hurting myself, others, or doing anything that goes against my morals and beliefs) Also grab a snack and a soda, because this is going to be a long one!

First off I wanted to go into why I wanted to do a boudoir photo session. Boudoir is all about empowering women and making them feel comfortable and confident in who they are as a person. I wanted to do this for myself not for Corey, don’t get me wrong doing this for your husband isn’t wrong or a bad idea but I wanted to do this for myself. I wanted to feel more confident in my body because I am SO insecure of myself. The photographer I decided to go with was Alexandria Kenyon, her facebook is Boudoir by Alexandria Kenyon and her Instagram is @Alexandria.Kenyon . She had by far the best portfolio of boudoir photography I have ever seen and she truly cares about your experience.

My first step was reaching out to her on her website (alexandriakenyon.com), I had filled out the form and she contacted me for us to have a face to face consultation. We met for coffee one afternoon and I decided that I wanted to book her 100%. I paid the retainer fee which went towards my session fee and that sealed my spot. Next she emailed me a password for her client lounge which is awesome because it has a questionnaire about what you want your mood to be like and a lingerie guide. I filled out the mood questionnaire which gave her a good idea of what I wanted.

Next, about a week before my shoot, we did our wardrobe consultation. She has a full on client closet, that she gets dry cleaned after every use, available to all of her clients and of course you could bring your own lingerie. I tried on a few things, decided on the outfits I wanted to do and then started talking about hair and makeup. Hair and makeup is included in the session fee and is done by Christina Lopez (@mua_cl on Instagram). We decided that I would do a bold, dark smoky eye with a bold lip and loose curls.

The day of the shoot I showed up to her studio at 9am and we got started on hair and makeup. She had my favorite drinks and candy there for me to enjoy before and after the shoot, which I thought was a nice touch. Christina was great, she was very clean and professional and amazing at her job! She gave me the look I was going for and it looked so much better than I imagined. After hair and makeup was over I changed into my first outfit to shoot in. I was very nervous about posing because I thought I was going to look like an awkward duck, to be honest haha. Alex was great, she posed me head to toe and was very professional throughout the whole process. I did a total of three outfits and each one had a slightly different feel to it. She made sure I was comfortable and when I needed to take a break, (because some of those poses are hard) she was totally cool with it. I was somewhat concerned that being half naked in front of someone would be totally awkward, but it wasn’t at all! After we got done shooting we scheduled my viewing appointment for a week after my shoot.

I gave Alex permission to post my pictures because of how confident I felt the day of the shoot  (remember you DO NOT have to give her permission to post your photos). A couple days after my shoot she posted two sneak peak preview pictures in her private page. OH. MY. GOD. That’s all I can say. The second I saw those two pictures I immediately got very emotional, I felt so amazing about the way I looked in the photos. I couldn’t believe that I could look like that and I was immediately excited to see the rest of my photos at my viewing appointment.

Okay so time for my viewing appointment. Holy crap she almost had me in tears (good tears). If I didn’t work so hard on my winged liner that morning I would’ve been balling. I couldn’t believe that I looked like that. Alex was so patient with me throughout the process of narrowing down my pictures. I think we started out with over 140 pictures and we narrowed it down to 21. Let me tell you, it was WAY more difficult to narrow it down than I thought. She did such a great job with all of them. I ended up ordering one of her Luxe 8×8 albums with 20 images. I also ended up ordering a wall metal. The wall metal was a last minute decision but I couldn’t turn it down because of how amazing I felt about these pictures. I honestly want my metal displayed in my house! She has so many options from packages to al la carte items to choose from, so there is something for everyone. For her albums she has so many different textures and colors to choose from for the cover. I choose a light grey. I paid everything upfront but she also is very good at accommodating your budget, she does up to 6 month payment plans on your products which I think is really great. If you do choose to pay everything the day of she does offer a 5% discount as well.

A few days after my viewing appointment I decided to write Alex an email. I had been so quiet the day of my appointment after I had seen the pictures because honestly I didn’t know what to say! So here I am going to be sharing with you the email I sent her:

“Hey Alex,

First off I wanted to apologize for not saying a whole lot at my ordering appointment. Honestly I was completely blown away and I didn’t know what to say so that’s why I’m writing this email. I figured it would be easier for me to explain on paper/email. I know I had told you a little about the way I viewed my body. As a kid/teenager I was always told that I had “huge hips” and “thunder thighs” and although I knew my family didn’t mean it to be mean or rude it made me very insecure.  I can honestly say that I was never confident in my body. I felt like I matured overnight and before I knew it my butt had doubled and I had huge boobs, and I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. As a teenager I found my self worth in what boys thought of me. I cared way too much about other’s opinions and that took a huge toll on my life and my self esteem. I had always known that I was a curvy girl but I never really wanted to be one. I wanted to be the stick straight skinny girl. I started becoming more and more insecure in the way my body looked, how my skin wasn’t clear, and a lot of other things. As I grew into adulthood I thought of myself less and less. I never really wanted to look in the mirror and I found it very uncomfortable if someone would compliment me. To this day I still get very awkward when receiving a compliment, I always want to tell them that they’re wrong. Again I found myself caring about what someone so insignificant thought of me and that was my motivation to loose weight. He point blank called me fat, completely out of the blue. I knew I shouldn’t care what he thought but that really hit a nerve with me. Don’t get me wrong I am so proud of myself for loosing the 25lbs that I have lost, but I still see myself as fat. I was still so unhappy with myself.
I had read all of the reviews on your website saying how great all of these women felt about themselves after their shoots and I envied them. I wanted to feel great about myself for once. That is when I decided to contact you. The questionnaire I filled out really made me dig deep. I remember one question in particular made me very uncomfortable. It was “When was the last time you felt beautiful?”. I honestly couldn’t remember, which I know is sad. I hadn’t felt beautiful in a very long time. In fact that word “beautiful” made me so uncomfortable all together. Even when my own husband would call me beautiful I wanted to argue with him and tell him I wasn’t.
The day of my ordering appointment, the second I saw those pictures I wanted to burst into tears. I’m not one to cry in front of people and I had worked really hard on my eyeliner that morning, which is why I managed to keep myself from balling. I looked at those images and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Did I really look like that?! There’s no way that my body looked that good! It took me a minute to kind of take it all in. I was in complete shock. I saw myself in a totally different light than I had been seeing myself for years. Those pictures truly made me feel beautiful and sexy. I guess I’m writing all of this because I wanted to thank you for making me see that I am beautiful and that I am worth so much more than I think. You truly made a difference in me. I can’t wait to see my album and wall metal!”

I know, I know. It was a very long email but I felt like it explained everything. I feel like I’m so bad at voicing my emotions and writing them down is the best way to do it. I also wanted her to see that she is amazing at what she does.
Okay, no more sappy stuff. After my ordering appointment she finalized all of the images and I had my products less than three weeks after our ordering appointment. I’m so happy I got to have this experience! If you’re questioning if you should do this I say 100% go for it. You will not regret having this experience and Alex is by far the best! 
I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful, and I hope it gave you the courage you needed to have a boudoir photography experience. Alex’s website is alexandriakenyon.com make sure you go check it out!


2 thoughts on ““I am worth so much more than I think.”

  1. Alexandria says:

    AHHHH!!! Thank you so much Kimmie! Your words are so beautiful! I am so happy you have a great experience with me. XX, Alex


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