The Best Places To Visit In The Smoky Mountains

Hey everyone, today’s blog post is all about the MUST SEE places in the Smoky Mountains. I’m going to be dividing this up by city since we went to multiple cities while we were on vacation. I hope you enjoy.

Pigeon Forge, TN:

1. Smoky Mountain Opry-This is one of the many shows to visit in Pigeon Forge. It is described as a “variety show” which I agree with. It has music from every genre and has silk artists as well as quick change artists and a comedian. I would recommend this show if you were only in town for a short period of time but still wanted to visit a show.

2. Memories Theatre: Legends-Legends is a show of impersonations ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson, and Buddy Holly. Almost the whole second half of the show is Elvis and let me tell you, everyone looked and sounded just like the person they were impersonating.

3. The Apple Barn-The Apple Barn is a local restaurant that specializes in all things apples. They have the BEST apple butter and apple fritters I’ve ever tasted and they also have a general store in which you can purchase different mixes and apple butter. The restaurant has good southern cooking including their famous Applewood Famous Southern Fried Chicken.

4. Country Tonite- Country Tonite is another show in Pigeon Forge and it has all things country music. They do a range of music from the classics like Conway Twitty and Dolly Parton (of course) to newer music like Luke Bryan. They have amazing cloggers and dancers and an amazing banjo player, who’s only 16 years old.

5. Tree Tops Zip Line-Now I’m terrified of heights so this place is a mention from Corey and my dad. This is a super cool zip line course that takes you on multiple lines. Both Corey and my dad enjoyed it so much and if you’re a thrill seeker I’m sure you would too!

6. Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Petting Zoo- OMG you guys, this was such a cool experience. If you’re in the Pigeon Forge area you HAVE to go here! It’s a petting zoo that costs about $12 per person and an additional $3.50 for a large cup of feed. You get to feed and play with hundreds of deer and goats and you can also feed all the other animals they have there, like the bulls, reindeer, camels, zonkeys, miniature horses, and so much more. I highly suggest coming here!

7. Friendly Falls- Friendly Falls is such a cool find. We drove by it about 10 times before we really noticed it and decided to check it out. Inside they have a little ice cream and beer shop and they also have crystals and other local finds. Out on the balcony is one of the prettiest waterfalls. For customers the waterfall walk is free but if you don’t want to buy anything in the store its $2 per person. This place was such a cool little stop and I loved it!

8. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster-Now I was very hesitant on this because it’s basically a roller-coaster that takes you up a mountain, but once Corey convinced me to do it I really did enjoy it! You’re in this cart (1 or 2 people per cart) and it takes you up the mountain and of course back down pretty fast (27mph on the way down to be exact). They view was gorgeous and I think it would be a super fun thing to do if you had kids.

Gatlinburg, TN:

1. Glades Soda Fountain-This tucked away diner type place is in the Arts and Crafts District of Gatlinburg. It’s a cute little diner with diner food, ice cream, and made in front of you soda. Corey got a root beer float and said it was the best root beer he had every had.

Knoxville, TN:

1. Knoxville Zoo-Of course I managed to find a zoo somewhere near where we were staying. the Knoxville Zoo was super cool as I would imagine any zoo to be, however this was my first time at a zoo so I was literally amazed at everything. Corey and I got to feed a giraffe which was the coolest experience ever.

Cherokee, NC:

1. Cherokee Indian Reservation: Cherokee, NC is a Cherokee Indian reservation and it’s awesome! (although some may beg to differ) This is literally my favorite place to visit because you get to meet the Cherokee people and visit their local shops where they sell locally made items like dream catchers and jewelry. (Which if you know me you know I have an obsession with dream catchers) There is also a little village that you can visit that has some of the people doing things like they would’ve done back in the old days. They also have a museam and an outside drama called “Unto These Hills”.

Maggie Valley, NC:

1. Maggie Valley Ice Cream-Now I’m not sure if this is the actual name of the place but they have amazing ice cream and a HUGE and awesome candy store that you have to stop in if you’re in the area.

Well, that’s it for some of my favorite places to visit in the Smoky Mountains. A vlog will be up on my YouTube channel the 21st of my whole trip so make sure you check it out at and for more pictures head to my Instagram, @KimberlyLovesKoalas. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.




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