How To Style: Body-Suits

Hey everyone, today I am going to be showing you two different ways that I style body-suits. Now I haven’t always been a fan of body-suits and even still I am very particular about which ones I buy and wear. One look is more dressy and the other is more on the casual side. I hope you enjoy.

Outfit #1:

This outfit is the more dressy of the two and I wanted it to be more on the showy side of things. The body-suit I’m wearing is from and it’s black with a gorgeous scalloped detailing on the neckline. It’s not the best quality but I’m pretty sure I only paid $10 for it so I don’t mind that much. It also has a snap closure on the bottom so it’s easy for when you need to use the bathroom. The shorts I’m wearing are these black shorts with a sort of white tie-dye detailing. They are a mid-length short and they are super comfortable. They’re from Tilly’s. Finally, the shoes I’m wearing are these chunky black and white heels that are from Forever21. I love these shoes because they add that 90s vibe that is super on trend right now.

Outfit #2:

This outfit is featuring the same black body-suit as the first one, but in this outfit I decided to go a little more casual. The shorts I am pairing with it are these medium wash, denim, high-waisted shorts from American Eagle. For shoes I decided to go with these black booties from JustFab which really make the look have some personality since it’s so basic. Lastly for accessories I wore this black and white bandana from Tilly’s in my hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post and helped you see the different ways to style a body-suit.




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