Tips for Choosing a Good Tattoo Artist/Piercer

Hey everyone, today I am going to be sharing some tips for picking a good tattoo artist and a good piercer. I hope you enjoy.

Firstly I want to mention some artists that I recommend if you’re in the eastern NC area:

-black & grey tattoos: Chubbs at Bombs Away Tattoo

-color realism: Jason at Bombs Away Tattoo

-small detail/geometric tattoos: Emily at Bombs Away Tattoo

-custom lettering: Nick at Bombs Away Tattoo

-new school tattoos: Ryan at Jacksonville Tattoo Company

-piercings: Kassi Karry and Steph Cuevas at Purple Heart Tattoo

Okay so now onto the tips. First I want to say that just because you’ve had a consultation with an artist doesn’t mean you have to actually get tattooed by them. If you’re still not confident in their work you don’t have to book with them. Make sure you are 100% confident and comfortable with the artist you book with and get tattooed by.

  1. Check out their social media profiles: Recently a lot of tattooers are posting their work on social media, which makes it easy to check out their work. Of course you should check out a physical portfolio at the shop they work at but Instagram and Facebook are a great way to see they style of that particular artist and their work.
  2. Make sure that you are looking at artists that love the style you want to get and specialize in it. Like I wouldn’t go to Chubbs who loves black and grey tattoos to do a new school piece.
  3. Have a consultation with the artist: You can go into a shop and book a (most of the time) free consultation. Of course you don’t have to go with this artist if you don’t like what they are showing you/saying but consultations are very helpful because this artist will tell you what can and cannot work with your idea, skin, etc.
  4. Hygiene: Please, please, please make sure you go into the shop and check out how clean it is. You absolutely don’t want to get tattooed in an unhygienic shop.
  5. Cost: Cheapest is not always the best. If you have to save up money for months or even a year do it! Don’t settle for an artist that isn’t exactly what you want because they are cheaper. 

I hope you enjoyed this and found it super helpful. 




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