My Current Favorite Exercises

Hey everyone, today I’m going to be sharing with you some of my current favorite exercises. I hope you enjoy.

  1. Russian Twists: Russian twists are one of the best ways to work your oblique muscles. Your obliques are the main muscles that help rotate your torso.
  2. Leg Lifts: Leg lifts target your all of your abdominal muscles, including your lower abs. They also help to strengthen the external oblique muscles.
  3. Side Lunges: The main muscles that side lunges are your quadriceps, which are in front of your thighs. If you take a longer lunge that then shifts the work to your glutes instead of your quads.
  4. Plank Twists: Of course these are another core/ab exercise, but this one also helps to train your shoulders, quads, and glutes.

Those are my current favorite exercises. I try to post workout of the day posts weekly on my instagram, so be sure to check them out at @KimberlyLovesKoalas. I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful.



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